Transcript: Hamilton Factory in Lowell, July 1836, Mean Daily Pay Chart

pay chart of positions at hamilton company in lowell, divided between men and women.

This table is featured in the exhibit "From Roses to Raises," section: "Mill Girls 'Turn Out' in Lowell (1834-1836)"

Mean Daily Pay of Men and Women at the Hamilton Company, LOWELL, July 1836, Broken Down by Major Jobs 

Two charts side by side comparing jobs and mean daily pay for men and women. 

The first chart provides jobs for men and their mean daily pay.

  • Overseer $2.09
  • Second Hand $1.20
  • Operative $.85
  • Machinist $1.27
  • Watchman $1.10
  • Overall* $1.05

The second chart provides jobs for women and their mean daily pay.

  • Speeder $0.66
  • Drawer $.52
  • Spinner $.58
  • Weaver $.66
  • Dresser $.78
  • Warper $.73
  • Drawing In $.66
  • Sparehand $.44
  • Overall* $.60

*The overall mean daily pay includes wages for all jobs, not just those listed. 

Data presented in Thomas Dublin, Women at Work: The Transformation of Work and Community in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1826–1860 (New York: Columbia University Press, 1979), 66.