Transcript: Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Signing Video

On July 2, 2014, Governor Deval Patrick signed S.2132, “An Act Establishing a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.” Read the full text of the law. This video is featured in the exhibit "From Roses to Raises," section: "'To Be Recognized with Dignity': Rights for MA Domestic Workers."

Boston City TV. 

[Video Description: Opening screen shows Boston City TV logo against a blue filtered photo of the city from the harbor. Audience members sit in chairs before Governor Deval Patrick, standing at a podium at the bottom of a staircase. A group of over 10 people stand in a row behind him while he speaks. The video switches to other individuals also speaking behind the podium.]

[Gov. Deval Patrick] I want to thank those of you who work in the field of domestic work and who showed up and made your case and made your voices heard. As I say, sometimes people don't always see you but you made sure folks saw you this time and responded and I'm proud of that.

[Attorney General Martha Coakley] This is a real step forward and this is a bill that will change lives the minute it goes into effect for people who were not seen, as the governor said, who did not have a voice, who were under the radar, and who were often exploited.

[Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh] The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights provides the necessary protection for all of these workers; basic rights that most workers thankfully can take-take for granted.

[Angella Foster, Matahari Women Workers’ Center] Finally, domestic workers in Massachusetts—nannies, caregivers, house cleaners—have been recognized for their value to society.

[Possibly Gloria Uribe, Matahari Women Workers’ Center] This law gives guidance and assurance that the jobs we perform every day are protected and recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

[Governor Deval Patrick sits at a table with a blue tablecloth and signs the bill. People are gathered around him smiling and clapping. Flashes from cameras are going off intermittently.]

[Fade to Boston City TV logo]