Transcript: 9to5 on "Chronicle" Video

This video is featured in the exhibit "From Roses to Raises," section: "9to5: Demanding Raises, Rights, and Respect."

Northeast Historic Film, WCVB Collection.

[Video Description: A group of women sit around a table stuffing envelopes. The table is filled with papers and the walls around the room have a 9to5 banner, other materials posted to the walls, and shelves full of supplies.]

[Newscaster voiceover] A group of Boston office workers formed 9to5 in 1973 because they felt women acting alone couldn't fight effectively against low pay, lack of promotions, and other forms of discrimination, but women united could achieve something. 

[Women sitting at table stuffing envelopes] What happened was like in the workplace three of the women who worked there that were over 60 didn't get raises when everyone else did.

[Pat Cronin, 9to5 - voiceover while she enters the room of women stuffing envelopes. B-roll of women stuffing envelopes] 10 years ago before I was part of 9to5, I would have done exactly as they told me to do without even questioning anything—questioning the fact that I was being given a $5 raise when I had a college degree and I was doing secretarial work. And I thanked them for that $5 raise even though I couldn't afford to pay the rent without two roommates. 

[Talking head camera view of Pat Cronin] It never occurred to me to question it until 9to5 told me that's really not what you should be earning, you should be earning a lot more, you should be getting respect.