Transcript: '9 to 5' Film Trailer

This '9 to 5' movie trailer is featured in the exhibit "From Roses to Raises," section: "9to5: Demanding Raises, Rights, and Respect."

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[Video Description: Elevator button lights up. “Twentieth Century-Fox Presents” is on the granite next to the light.]

[Narrator] Twentieth Century Fox presents a tribute to anyone who has ever been overworked, underpaid, and pushed to the edge by an ungrateful boss.

[Music, mixed with office sounds of typing and closing file cabinets.]

[During the narration, women office workers do all sorts of work - typing, making coffee, passing files, flipping through documents, filling out a calendar, making phone calls… None of their faces are visible]

[Narrator] They arrive promptly at 9:00 because if they're not on time they know they'll get the sack. But before they begin the daily grind, the boss takes his cup black. 

[Music, mixed with office sounds of typing and closing file cabinets.]

[Narrator] They remember each date, make sure he's not late, and keep everything organized. They reserve tables for brunch or a three-martini lunch, while they dine on burgers and fries. 

[Boss] Ms. Rhodes! [Boss continues to mumble]

[Narrator] They listen to all his problems. They do their best to please, and even if they run the show, he gets paid for their ideas. 

[Boss] Great work. [Two businessmen shake hands]

[Narrator] And so long as he's alive, from 9:00 to 5:00, they'll take it all they can…

[Boss] Ms. Rhodes, come in here.

[Actions of women office workers appear more frantic and frustrated. Slam a file cabinet on fingers, spill coffee, hit knee on open desk drawer, slam hands on keyboard.]

[Narrator] But what will go on when the light finally dawns that it's time to get back at that man.

[Boss] Ms. Rhodes!

[Music dramatically ends as a desk drawer opens to reveal a handgun.]


[Office clock is replaced with a short video clip of an actor, followed by each of the following actors mentioned.]

[Narrator] Jane Fonda

[Music and typing]

[Narrator] Lily Tomlin 

[Music and typing]

[Narrator] and Dolly Parton

[Music and typing]

[Narrator] Nine-to-Five 

[Brief view of movie poster.]